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Welcome to Chambre d'Hôtes Fantesstique

Located in the champagne region of France at a distance of 325 km as the crow flies from Utrecht. The area is very wide with gentle slopes, but there are also huge forests in the area. It is wonderful to be able to view the starry sky here because there is no light pollution here. The champagne houses are easily accessible from here. You can always taste a glass there.

Meet the owner

I am Hans, The proud owners of Chambre d’Hôtes. Together with my wife we ​​emigrated here because we no longer wanted traffic congestion and no light pollution. We also wanted to enjoy the clean air. To my regret, my partner Tess passed away in April 2022, but I will continue to run the chambre d’hotes.

We moved here in January 2017 and converted the purchased farm into 5 rooms for rent. The attic on the 1st floor was completely open to the roof, and all the windows had deteriorated over time. It took a year before the farm was renovated to allow part of it to be rented out.

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