Our prices

Check-in: 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Before or after that, we would like to discuss with you whether this is possible.

Check-out: before 10 a.m. when you leave again. We will not enter your room during your stay. Not even for making beds or the like.

Room 1, 2 and 3 (per night)
One person € 75.00
Two persons € 85.00 per night.

Room 4 (per night)
One person € 65.00
Two persons € 75.00

Room 5 (per night)
One person € 75.00,
Two persons € 85.00
*For use of the 2nd room
Three persons € 140.00
Four persons € 150.00

Placing a single folding bed costs € 30.00.

When given a day in advance, you can participate in the Table d’Hôtes or eat with us. The costs of the Table d’Hôtes are € 18.00. *we cannot take special preferences and diets into account.

All overnight stays are

An extensive breakfast

Free parking


Pet in consultation

The rooms are equipped with bed linen, towels, and some crockery. If you have additional wishes, they are almost always possible.
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