To really enjoy.

Beautifully quiet and plenty to do.



If you have bicycles with you, you can enjoy cycling here. It is advisable for the elderly to have pedal assistance. You can drive along or through the fields, through the woods or a villages and admire the beautiful old buildings and architectural styles. The terrain is sloping so it is a bit sporty.



Walking here is a pleasure when you go on the chalk paths and walk between the various fields. The views are amazing. A lot of rapeseed is grown here regularly, but especially in the spring, which is a feast for the eyes. The color shades are great.


The trenches

(Massige) is a few km from us and well worth a visit. Admission is free. In the 1st World War, about 3 million people died here, whose memorial places can be found everywhere. Massige is one of the places where you can still feel the war. You can walk through the trenches which have been renovated by volunteers. There are several photos of the wartime so you can see how people had to survive there. Also take a look at the sleeping places and the hospital. There are also plenty of camp sites.

Garden and Patio

Our site is 2 hectares. At the house we have a lovely sitting garden for sunbathing or reading. We also have a lovely terrace with a large table. We call it the talking table. It’s great to have a drink here and hear each other’s stories. Most importantly, it’s always fun.

To go out for dinner

Our village and the villages around us have no shops and restaurants. The nearest place that does is Saint Menehould. This place is 10 km away from us. If you are on a bicycle, you should definitely take this into account. For people with a car it is about a 10 minute drive. There are several restaurants and supermarkets there.

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